What are structurally insulated panels?

Smart Panel technology is an advanced prefabricated Structural Insulated Panel made up of two sheets of Structural Oriented Strandboard (OSB) or PLY wood with an injection molded high density super insulated polyurethane core, which bonds to the OSB in the 40 tonne molding press.

A weather and air-tightness membrane is applied to the OSB sheet during the heated pressing to provide a finished exterior surface to the panel and an unique world first Smart Tab that folds over and adheres the the adjoining Smart Panels & base plate, removing the need for building wrap and saving further on the time and cost.

A simple to use cam lock quickly pulls the Smart Panels together during the construction process making for a easy, fast install and a strong air tight bond between each panel. Service channels and structural timber can be installed in the panels when required as each Smart Panel is custom built for the home.